mode Fighting Through: From Dunkirk to Hamburg- A Green Howards Wartime Memoir (Hardcover) by Cheall Bill Cheall Paul ZhNgQ3Vq

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When Bill Cheall joined up in April 1939 he could not have imagined the drama rewards and near continuous action that lay in store. First and foremost a Green Howard (a Northern regiment) as a member of the British Expeditionary Force he saw the sharp end of Hitler's May 1940 Blitzkrieg and was evacuated exhausted from Dunkirk. His next move was to North Africa courtesy of the Queen Mary to be part of Monty's 8th Army. After eventual victory in Tunisia the Sicily invasion followed. Alongside a number of other battle-hardened units the Green Howards were then ordered back to England to form the vanguard of the Normandy Invasion. In the fierce fighting that followed the D-Day landing on GOLD Beach he was wounded and evacuated. His comrade Sergeant Major Stan Hollis won the only VC to be awarded on 6 June 1944. Once fit Bill returned to the war zone and he finished the war with the East Lancs as a Regimental Policeman in devastated occupied Germany. For all this he earned seven medals and a wounded-in-action stripe. Bill experienced many adventures during those action-packed years. Unlike too many he survived to share these with the reader. Told with humility and humour Fighting Through From Dunkirk to Hamburg is by any measure a superb fighting soldier's memoir. Bill passed away peacefully in 1999 following a battle with prostate cancer.