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This collection of fascinating short reads brings together some of the most popular articles from the Scholar Sage online magazine alongside new material from Damo Mitchell. It includes: * How the teaching of the 'three worms' (Sanchong) demonstrates the way Daoism pulls together models of the physical energetic spiritual and psychological * A translation of and commentary on the Classic of Breath and Qi Consolidation an important Daoist classical poem that discusses the relationship of Jing and Qi in the body * The importance of the pineal gland in Daoist alchemical thought * The internal alchemy of Fire Water Dragon and Tiger * The meaning behind the pairs of Fu Dogs often seen guarding the entrances of Chinese temples government buildings and restaurants * How Fa Jin works * How increasing your 'excitement threshold' can help you to find contentment in states of perpetual centeredness * Understanding and using food energetics * And much more. Helping you to think about your practice in new ways the book features contributions from senior students at the Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts including Roni Edlund Lauren Faithfull Tino Faithfull Donna Pinker and Dr Seb Smith.