Nyt produkt The Search for Baltic Gold: Desperation Disaster and Discovery the Secret of Hitler's Doomed Flagship (Paperback) by Sayers Philip NcRfMQ8X

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Looted art treasures Nazi gold shipwrecks and underwater action. This tremendous tale of diving exploits and second world war history has it all. January 1945 - Surrounded by the Red Army and facing certain defeat the infamous Nazi Reichscommissioner Erich Koch organizes the disappearance of fabulous treasures from the castle museum in Konigsberg then escapes the doomed city by sea. Thousands of panic stricken refugees storm the transport ships and Rudi Kurze a survivor of the largest maritime disaster in history witnesses the loading of a secret cargo the night before they attempt to escape across submarine-infested waters. In 1988 the British salvage diver Davis Carter discovers an untouched wreck off the Polish coast. Marietta a maritime art historian and Rudi accompany him on a dangerous diving expedition to the Stolpebank. An old secret shared only by him and one other survivor haunts his memory as they search the wreck for sunken treasure.