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Here you will find the things that once made the woods wild and the nights to be feared; that made ancient map-makers write 'Here be Dragons'. The Impossible Zoo is a biology of the supernatural - a study of the life of things that never lived. This world of mermaids and unicorns now confined to fantasy but once believed to exist is a world of the imagination that still affects us today. Wonderfully illustrated throughout it also provides sources as a guide to further study and exploration. 'For anyone who has ever wished that dragons and unicorns were real this magical mystical and truly memorable book is definitely for you - and for me

' Dr Karl Shuker author of A Manifestation of Monsters 'Ruickbie's level of scholarship is impressive and he presents his conclusions with great literary skill in readable and attractive prose. The results are truly fascinating. Very highly recommended.' Revd Lionel Fanthorpe FRSA author and President of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena