Hurtig levering Heidegger's Way of Being (New Studies in Phenomenology and Hermeneutics) (Paperback) by Capobianco Richard M. YaodZLKI

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In Heidegger's Way of Being the follow-up to his 2010 book Engaging Heidegger Richard Capobianco makes the case clearly and compellingly that the core matter of Heidegger's lifetime of thought was Being as the temporal emergence of all beings and things. Drawing upon a wide variety of texts many of which have been previously untranslated Capobianco illuminates the overarching importance of Being as radiant manifestation - 'the truth of Being' - and how Heidegger also named and elucidated this fundamental phenomenon as physis (Nature) Aletheia the primordial Logos and as Ereignis Lichtung and Es gibt. Heidegger's Way of Being brings back into full view the originality and distinctiveness of Heidegger's thought and offers an emphatic rejoinder to certain more recent readings and particularly those that propose a reduction of Being to 'sense' or 'meaning' and maintain that the core matter is human meaning-making. Capobianco's vivid and often poetic reflections serve to evoke for readers the very experience of Being - or as he prefers to name it the Being-way - and to invite us to pause and meditate on the manner of our human way in relation to the Being-way.